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Suicide Notes

by Suicide Notes

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    This is the debut full length album from Suicide Notes produced by LROY (Legitimate Rhythms Own You) featuring Boo G. Ratchet & Frankie Donatello
    This download also includes 2 hilarious video promos, liner notes, and pics.
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Robbin’ Williams (Frankie Donatello) Everybody welcome to a postmortem verse Curse Suicide release day with flowers on the hearse Start the show with a close Wet burgundy clothes Spell FUCK YOU in blood with the first seven rows Jam-packed action Hungry Artist passion Frankie Donatello rock the cello closed captions Maniacal Laughin' Automatics clapping Seven months of promo Fams asking, "What happened?" A sleazy mother fucker and the Ratchet Both with a case of the basket A tisket a tasket A spic and a nigger in their caskets Brown and Black Bastards Subroc the Doom of it mastered I want feelings Stiff by the ceiling I don't need millions Frankie robbin' williams Live without a fuck Like Messiah Cross my heart and hope to die before the flyer (Boo G. Ratchet) Robbin' Williams Jackin' Bills People want pay with no skills So keep quite When you're talkin' to me Get out my face You bother me Bitch! Elvis just left the building Why don’t you? the dj been gone since ‘bout half past 2 please assemble all your kinfolk and your wack ass crew you aint got to go home just go do what you do how the fuck you gon’ stay turnt up? spendin all your time and earns up on the scene never stackin no bucks when I see you always crying siting just bad luck get yourself a couple dollars and you right back up to dumb bullshit i stay well heard and unseen with Hades in the laboratory mixing my beats giving zero fucks about the nerds on your team lyin’ bout you grindin’ with your car on lien go raise your kids slow bum ass bitch take two of these in the mouth as i roll out for frontin on me use to walk but now I’m riding now you wanting from me whats really a rat is just a small mouse attacking your cheese you here me?
Hunter S. Thompson (Frankie Donatello) Hunter S. sweater vests Youngin's on new conquests To black out flat out With no gonzo concepts Pour myself in the act Donatello Commit so hard I slit my wrists with the A Sharp string of a cello Frankie Hungry Artists reach out on email to thank me Got a couple females to yank me I spray off Banksy 'tell by my arm that I'm antsy Yo, BIG picture Ready To Die Pour the liquor Twenty-six pills so the still slips quicker Deliver nine mil to brain and to liver No more games I'm a bomb with the trigger And you could never figure out the source of my mental While chasing back the bullet path I forced through the temple To cover up the red stained sleeve of the rental And bleed on the pad with a pencil You know theres... (Chorus) No more games No more bombs No more walking Football season is over No more fun No more swimming 67 Hunter S. Thompson (Boo G. Ratchet) I lack patience for family vacations time is wasting Everyday I become complacent I got shit people deem imperial Im OG, New School, You’re made from a bitch material flashback to the 80s naked ladies doing coke off the dash of my grey mercedes seeds got sewn and trees got chopped And my game got sold I made my knot but fuck it! you’re all boring me to sleep you could die and come back like six times and won’t be doper than me what you get is what you see and what i see right now is clown bitches that have no ID don’t give a fuck what you wrote or you spoke ‘bout me control freak the last letter to forever will be written by me so drink your Kool-aid and lace your Nikes up if you’re loved then you might get a write up (Chorus)
Nathan 02:54
Ernest Hemingway Boo G. Ratchet: Fucked up my serotonin from bonin’ missed calls on my phone and tryna get grip on my shroom trip cuz Im zonin’ She’s on the white tryna get right up all night til’ its daylight pussy sells so she’s slang it from the left west and to the east right god damn how you do it like that? Rockin labels she bougie ratch drop her off she bringin money back she’s from the blade but this here’s the trap Don’t get it twist I aint a pimp sometimes I trick Im on the grind tryna get mine and in between time I throw assists Now she clingin on to me say she only want Boo Gee we go our arounds I’m smashing her down arched back on the couch she clappin and throwin me that booty Yo! Her eyes glisten in the morning like she’s staring thru me I see my future in her face playin like a movie trippin on time rippin on drunk from what we sippin on we sober up and learn right from wrong my lane is wide but my road ain’t long I work out here part time and its party time for you all the time now we both lied when we realize better learn the game or get side lined I see my future in my face and it's happening to me It's happening to me RIGHT NOW Frankie Donatello: Hold up... Baby back up. I'm in a bathtub And it's all blood from this back rub And I feel drugged. What the fuck? Excuse me while I hug this bowl By the bath rug and I upchuck Cuz my tongues stuck like a gut slug deep in my belly Hit my pockets quickly checking for my cellie Crawled away from psycho bitch and safely make it out the telly Slip the A# around my neck Like a bow tie And free fall from the sky like Lucifer Stick a needle in my eye Hope I die Hope to god it doesn't make my momma cry but if I don't Then it's back to the same trap that I made scraps in Back when i had rats chewing up stacks in Back rooms that I plot doom in Zoom in To Boo G. shrooming abusing the music I see my future in my face Ernest Hemingway Hemochromatosis lay to waste Fuck it anyway I see my father in mirror Fuck I HATE IT HERE I won't last another year It's happening to me right now Suicide Notes debut comes out December first at www.blackmarketpluto.com
Jr. Say Ow 02:41
Kurt Cobain 02:59
(Boo G. Ratchet) Now if you had skill to rhyme And new mics was only a dime Would you glue raps to boom baps While new jacks were scribbling lines? Steady poisoning minds Why you wasting my time? Fuck that, man I’m wasting my own I’m long texting with this bitch on my phone See, I call her bitch she’s like a fucking dog on my bone Cuz with those fat lips She makes my staff stiff The way she clap it make me drool like a Full grown Mastive and yo I shoulda passed it but I chose the paper over plastic And now my dick feels like the tip is dipped up in some acid You may be laughing as you should be Cuz this shit is tragic Ol’ Dirty Bastard told me surely that this should could happen One shot, two pills For the get gone Reception on your flip phone Man I’m outta there Glad it wasn’t A.I.D.S. for the S.E.X. I guess it’s minor messes teaching lessons Life is just a blessing Servin’ it up Vegetable raw Without the window dressing (Frankie Donatello) Deliver cheap shots to your liver Keep watch like The Giver Might shiv ya Might kill a killer Strike match to your villa Cock flappin’ Vitruvian man Doing jumping jacks around the mic stand Never sober got a flight plan Hell is over Your whole style is more older than 64 controllers Pages on Motorola's I burn sage like ayatollahs and pop sodas on paved roads laced with ebola Never dust on my shoulder I move boulders Frankie Don With the street soilders Feel the heater seek closure Kill the narc, the cop, and don’t stop Go home and shoot your lady too The new born baby too Whats it to you? Move forward Like side-scroll Besides, I heard your bitch got a wide whole Frankie D sells cell phones by the sea shore Hungry Artist offed himself with C4 Lryics by Boo G. Ratchet & Frankie Donatello
Sucka Free (Frankie Donatello) See Frankie D. behind bars Trapped in a prison 'Said his heads too hard and his ears won't listen Cell block guards bitchin' But Frank dismiss 'em In his mind he's on a white sandy beach Clean livin' with the umbrella pink in the orange drink Tanned feet burnt From your whack CD Take off in a spaceship wasted Like shit-faced pics on Facebook When they're taken He ain't really ever present Doin' time don't teach no lessons Wicked rhymin' keep him restless Bucket list looks like a guest list Space out in seconds like a Rari The flash back sparks lit the green Katamari Cool out, poolside The O.G. way Ain't shaking the delusion until release day Find it so bright In the dark Catch ol' Frank D. free fall from A Sharp (Chorus) I'm gon' shine Because I'm Livin' Sucka Free (Boo. G. Ratchet) Roll the stone from in front of the tomb to resurrect L-Reezus from the dead and come out as Boo Hella mannish do dirt chase skirts and vanish being the color man added strokes to your canvas shaking hands and kissing babies and romancing the wicked dibble dabble in time travel Im paying a visit cut the slab in my Gypo cab hopping the curb slangin merch from a hearse right in front of your church and why the fuck not the block is hot with game enough to be the pastor to inherit your flock give me my props fuck rapping get creative for my financial backing standing on the block selling all the crackheads chapstick see you don't have to like me or pay me attention I'm just a first team all-star you're honorable mention My clinic's open on Sunday just pay me a visit Showing how now brown cows can improve their diction
In Your Mind 01:52
In Your Mind (Boo G. Ratchet) Hard times Got you caught up in your feelings Dealing with glass ceilings how to fuck to make a livin Ain't no two ways about it You sink or you swim Lean on your folkS Take the final shot Or choke Go big or go home/ takin big risks for small bills/ trapping on your cellular phone Tryna get it on your own Big house, cars, and thick hoes, Rockin precious metal and stones Running after the goal Dreams are like stepped on coke Gettin sniffed up by the dummy with hope. Know it's all about a plan Steppin to the plate as man wealth you enjoy with your fam It all ends Wether you lose or you win Play the game hard Or talk shit from the brench Keepin the balance Taking the challenge Using your talents Train And go in Keepin your circle tight Your life is like what you invest in #SuicideNotes is a free concept album created by LROY & HADES available at www.blackmarketpluto.com
Bad Dreams 03:08
Bad Dreams (Boo G. Ratchet) I'm having one of those days like a sack that don't weigh bitter sweet like the sugar thats missing inside your Kool-Aid Its about 11 o'clock kickin' it spittin the gift end of the shift smokin a spliff out in the parking lot Its about half past the time of the night I give a fuck fat racist pussy talking shit wants to flex nuts I told him whats up faggot put your hands up before we get to swinging lights are beaming from a pickup truck He set a trap up calling his fucking backup I'm not a runner but I'm out numbered and wonder if this whole thing is a setup you goddamn right bitch ass Tony behind a glass door actin like he wanna do something holding a knife nigga I need assistance not a witness these crackers got me on the shit list while they're chasing me down in a 1-5-0 tryna hang a nigga like wet clothes (Chorus) What could I say? I was having a fucked up day They tried to murder me (Frankie Donatello) (rap words this time, Frankie Donatello) This is a matter of a mad hatter Dial 9-1-1 tell 'em someone after me Suckas got ill when they finally heard the G Wasn't selling out They on the hill tryna murder me Reached for my weapon Heard 'em steppin' up clearly Cuz I never let a sucka get near me Ran into the Hilton Movin' through the hall Dropped the first one (Bang) Blood spillin' down the wall Another bug crawled up The fire escape Tryna bite But he struck too late Lookin' like a real life scene from Dexter The way his brain matter hugged the floor like texture I sliced like Machete Wasn't ready for the Freddy claw Yo His skin was like confetti y'all My phone ringing or my ears from gun shots Tell my lady this is why I keep my gun cocked (Chorus)
PSA 01:08
PSA ( Boo G. Ratchet) Slow it down While I fuck you up And kick a verse like a nigga was playin World Cup -HUH- How do I explain Real This is NOT A game. I don't rap I just CHOP my game Man I'm hearing all these stories but the plots the same Real niggas Kill niggas Bitch niggas Pop bang Harder than a rock of cocaine Please frameThe freeze face My beat makes When my shit bangs In my new whip With my new chain Big S on my chest call me super slave Diggin hoin' through the mud that I'm Drug Pour a four up in my cup cuz the mud is my drug Activist like I'm Bobby seale Realizing I'm god they try me still What some do just to cop a mill Is not for real Red or the blue Here's some water Gon' and pop your pill #SuicideNotes is a free concept album created by LROY & HADES available at www.blackmarketpluto.com
FLAVOR FLAV IS NOT DEAD (Boo G. Ratchet) I'm bout to step out.. sharper than a piece of glass 20 up in my pocket with a full tank of gas Tip a glass scopin ass in the VIP Shades on Hollywood Like you're supposed to know me Chill homie Step to the side I Got somethin that is catching my eye And right now you trying to blow my high I'm trying to spit to miss with the dress that's tight in the front Type a girl that can do what she want Hello my name is ratchet I stay Turnt up Eating shrooms like its normal so I'm well fucked up You gettin hollered at by nerds not believing their words After 2 munchin Pizza on the side of the curb In real life don't wanna Fugaze / I keep it straight She's grinning and Laughing I'm Crackin jokes like Louis ck Don't really drink But I'm drunk and I'm crunk cuz my song just got played I'm bout to go flavor Flav (Chorus) Theres a line out front Everybody on stunt So many fine girls I dunno know what I want (I'm goin' flavor flav) I just got paid Lit off the bud Step in to the club Got my jam on pump (Frankie Donatello) Don't worry about how many shoes I got I got problems much too complicated to include a female I get sex via email with the bedroom door locked So mamma don't walk in She gotta knock first Gimme time to situation She don't need to see that! Graduated to my twenty-seventh chest hair While fifth graders I ball with say "Life's not fair" No I shot block 'em! Nuts to the face Yeah boyee I got grace Like the pride of a lion Floating in the bathroom Dying Wait Hold up! Nope, I'm gone Paramedics pull me out from the hair on my Palm Valley Hospital DOA carefully Contractually, I still get paid Yo I'm 'bout to go Flavor Fav Chorus Creeping out the bedroom Tip Toe Wood floors creak Heavy steps that match how he think In the opposite of light finds the sink Turn the right side for cold The lefties for the heat Quick splash then he dashed out the window with a squeak And bee-lined for the street Left his card 'Frank D.' He left g'd up and wet was the ski'd up passed out on the couch with both feet up Made it to the studio late "Hungry Artist why you gotta be this way?" "I said to be here at 8 You need to tell my story on the MIC and be great This my Suicide Note not some porno you made You need to get your shit straight and stop chasing the lay I gotta leave today and say something before the grave You in my motha fuckin' head Frankie Ain't no two ways about us going dead frankly, damn" Chorus
All Week Long (Frankie Donatello) It's like I'm walking on a buildings edge Lookin' for The Slip or after a decade of sobriety Society made me trip and I'll be gimp, rib-cracked, laughing and bloody in the tooth And still you spineless cowards won't match the acid from my booth Screw-loose youths Find the power in my truths While veteran emcees climb my back to get a boost So when you see me Best to hide away 'Cuz I'll be parked out front in the driveway And when I come into your House Mindspray No time So let me see those hands do what I say From the tweaker to the mic into the speaker in the night I know the truth is out there When they beam me in the light So I ride the Thin Red Line Sketched deep into my palm Chasing pills and smokescreens Searching for a calm I wish my waning consciousness and self would get along But they don't And it's been fucking with me All Week Long (Chorus) I'll be here when the voices stop I'll be sitting here all week long When you come back from where you've gone I'll be sitting here all week long (Boo. G. Ratchet) from Humble beginnings struck out in the 9th inning Im gone keep losing until I’m winning fighting my own progression confessions of confused living scoping my future vision while looking thru an old prescription you suck at life and thats all right nothing is your fault is what you’re telling me right? dreaming of great heights but never booking a flight stuck on the ground fuck it! We dying tonight man its loud as fuck in my head I’d rather be dead feenin to jump but shuffle when my feet hit the ledge I’m getting taxed like my last paycheck lifting rocks and shit tryna find my self respect will time expire before my redemption? or do I put my faith into another dimension shit nobody Knows what they’re talking about ill put a gun in my mouth before I figure it out


On behalf of Suicide Notes, Black Market Pluto would like to thank you for downloading this album.

Suicide Notes is a concept hip hop group with members LROY (Legitimate Rhythms Own You) & HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop) portraying fictional characters Boo G. Ratchet & Frankie Donatello respectively, who materialize to help characterize the final music and words of their suicidal counterparts.

The first music video from this album “Kurt Cobain” was premiered exclusively by the Austin Chronicle in September, and both singles “Kurt Cobain” & “Ernest Hemingway” have got high praises from various reputable bloggers such as OVRLD and DopeCauseWeSaid. “Kurt Cobain” was also recently nominated for Video of the Year by the Texas Artist Showcase. We anticipate and look forward to continued exposure for this album and it’s future singles thanks to you incredible music lovers.


released December 1, 2015

All songs were produced by LROY (Legitimate Rhythms Own You) and co-produced by HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop) except for “Kurt Cobain” produced by HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop)

The album was recorded, mixed & mastered by HADES (Hungry Artists Don’t Ever Stop) at Black Market Pluto Studio

Watch #KurtCobain here: youtu.be/IZEHDAYzchg?list=PLNThdItPHZgmA3aSXmOuxI4DLQIjCxRlg


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